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A look at the advantages and

disadvantages of the compound bow

If you are interested in the sports of archery and looking to buy a compound bow but before purchasing a compound bow, you would like to know more about it; then you have come to the right place to look for some information. Like any other archery bows, compound bows have their own advantages and disadvantages.

A look at the advantages and disadvantages of the compound bow:
There are advantages and the disadvantage of the compound bow, that you will need to know to help you decide whether it will be suitable for you or not.
The advantages of the compound bow:

• The cam system of the compound bows function is to increase the energy storage to the compound bow. This increase of the energy storage is done through the draw cycle. Then provide the let off at the end of the draw cycle of the compound bow. Initially, little amount of energy is stored at the beginning of the first half of the draw. While more amount of energy is available at the end of the draw when the draw weight is at its heaviest. The compound bow works much differently than that of the recurve bow as it has a different weight profile and during the first few inch of the draw the compound bow will reach its peak. Then the compound bow will remain flat and constant till the cycle ends. This is where the cam will function to let off and therefore will allow a reduced holding weight.


• The manipulation of the peak weight of the compound bow during the draw is the reason why the compound bows are able to store more amount of energy than any other archery bows and this is why compound bows are able to make a shoot with a much faster speed.

• The way the cams of the compound bows are designed, allow the compound bow to control the acceleration of the arrow directly. A soft cam will make arrow to accelerate towards the target with much less speed. Whereas, for a hard cam, the arrow will be made to accelerate towards the target with a much higher speed.

The disadvantages of the compound bow:

• For any compound bow, there are many moving parts on the bow. These additional moving parts of the bow require an additional maintenance. Also, because of these additional moving parts of the bow, there is a huge chance of more points of failure.

• There are warranties that cover a compound bow. However these warranties do not cover for dry loose. It is a usual case that the limbs are damaged after a single dry loose incident.


If you want to know more about this type of bow, there are many compound bow reviews that you can find online. These compound bow reviews offer a deeper insight as they are the personal experience of the users who used the compound bows.